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Summer is already here and most of you are going to take a break from the bench/office to spend some time abroad, at the beach, the mountain (or on your couch?)… We wish you great holidays or some peaceful time at work.

Back to business, the promotion 2021 will join the ESBS in September and for these young folks,  we came up with an idea to further strengthen the network. We would like to set up a mentoring program. We will go more into details about this project below.

But first, let’s talk about the alumni interview. For this Newsletter, we are excited to introduce you Emmanuelle Quilès (promotion  1990) who has kindly accepted to answer our questions. It was this time again, a stunning experience. We would like to thank her again for her time and wish her all the best for her Leem candidacy.
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For this summer newsletter we made the finest selection of three scientific articles. In addition, you will discover as always, several job offers recently published on our Website and also from external sources.

Don’t forget that you are the true value of this association and you can leverage it by taking part of it. If you want to contribute or to submit ideas, do not hesitate contact us and register on the website !

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The Mentorship Program ! 

It’s time to share with you one of the main project we have in the pipe:

“The Mentorship Program”

We want to give the opportunity to our students to connect with Alumni during their academic year. Mentoring is an effective method of developing and supporting students, leveraging diversity and fostering career development. It also creates a continuity of culture, builds a stronger school connection and promotes knowledge sharing.
We need you Alumni now !

You can go on the website and find more information about the program and your potential role.
Finally, if you are interested of being part of it, you will simply have to fill up a form and that’s it. We are looking forward to see many of you Alumni willing to be a mentor for the 2018-19 academic year.

We count on you to respond to this call #esbsalumni !

News from our school

2 new Senior lecturers have been recruited:

-Ms. Coraline Rigouin for Microbiology and Synthetic Biology
-Ms. Célia Deville for Conception, making and/or analysis of high-throughput robotic experiences







How did you choose this career?

I did not chose it, it was driven by passion and by a need to have a purpose in life that matters to me: participate in healthcare improvement.

How did your experience at the ESBS help you find this position?

ESBS taught me that:

You never stop learning in life and at work as well.
Listening to great scientists/leaders is a source of inspiration.
Challenging yourself is the only forward.

What types of experience (employment / internships) are essential to get into this position?

Internship in various places/companies/environment/processes.

What kinds of job opportunities exist to start a career in the field?

Many! Medical Science Liaison, product manager, regulatory, quality, clinical trials.


Describe a typical workweek and a typical day.

80% of the time in meetings, discussing with people their challenges, how I can support them, getting updated on project. When internal, mainly driving the strategy with the Management Board. 40% of the time with external stakeholders to share environmental change, debating with authorities how to increase atractivity for our industry.

Not enough time on my own, mostly in the evening at least 3 hours.

What skills or talents are most essential for effective job performance?

Team spirit, can-do attitude, risk-taking, managing by influence, learning skills!

What are the toughest problems you must deal with?

People, always people!
Making decision about hiring, moves and development of people and aligning on managers with these. Setting the vision for an innovative company, pushing for continuous transformation of our business model because lots of resistance.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing people being happy to success in tough project and being promoted.


How rapidly is your field growing ?

Very quickly:

– AI
– Diagnosis
– Personalized medicine

Patients have access to information/relationship with healthcare professional, multiple data available / how to share it with authorities.

If your work was suddenly eliminated, what different types of work do you think you could do ?

Any job in Public Health, working on hospitals or in the developing world, I love to feel useful.


If you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently?

Nothing, I loved every single experience of my professional life because  it was diverse and fantastic, I feel blessed! Maybe learn sooner not to be shy.

As alumni of the first promotions of the ESBS, did you keep touch with your classmates?

No, only met recently when one of our teacher was awarded LA Légion d’honneur! And it was great to see the various positions we currently hold today. ESBS allowed us to develop in various areas.

Would you say the network you built during your studies was important to you and your carrier?

During the studies, it was very important as it allowed us to share ideas and challenge each other and created a positive competitive environment.

During the first years after, it was inspiring and positive to see the variety of jobs we could be fitted for!


We would like to thank Emmanuelle Quilès for answering our questions





An engineering plastic-degraded enzyme provide new opportunities for plastic recycling 

A Plastic-eating enzyme accidentally created could help solve pollution issues !

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A geyser spurts from one of Jupiter’s icy moons

What does it imply ?

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Why your feet slip and slide on ice ?

And it is not because your shoes melt the ice underneath, as was previously thought…

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Microbiology Project Manager at Janssen & Janssen Click here

PhD  – Tissue Engineering/ Regenerative Medicine at University of Lunds  Click here

Post-doc in Cell Signaling at Pharnext Click here



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AAE Newsletter June 2018

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