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The 2022 Great Alumni General Assembly

The general assembly is a special moment in the life of our association. Each year, we gather all alumni involved in the network, learn the latest news and discuss the future of the association. This is not a formal procedure, but rather a friendly moment all together.

Above all, this is a good reason to meet and to share a particular moment together.

The next one is planned for: September, 24th 2022. Registrations will open the from the 1st of September to the 18th of September.


Registration is mandatory for each activity and the places are limited. Discounts are provided by the AAE.

Step 1: Become an AAE member to support the association

Step 2: Register to the activities of the day

Program of the day

In the 2022 edition, we will test a new formula that we called “Great Alumni General Assembly” with (registration is mandatory):

  • General assembly (9h-12h) with a breakfast, at the ESBS.
  • Stammtisch (13h15-15h): lunch at Mama Bubbele (2 Quai des Bateliers, 67000 Strasbourg). 
  • Guided tour (16h30-18h30): about the history of sciences in Strasbourg, from the XVIe century to today, by a master lecturer. Meeting point 9 Place de l’Université. Duration 2 h for 3 km.
  • BS Poly party (22h30-5h): by the Amicale with the newly-graduated 4A that will get their RDD the same day.

The evening is free so you can plan a diner with your friends or promo.

Refund is not possible.

The General Assembly

The formal general assembly is the sovereign instance of the AAE. It discusses:

  • The past activities and the finances of the association;
  • The objectives and budget for the incoming year;
  • The renewal of the Board of Directors (BoD);
  • The resolutions suggested by the BoD and the members;
  • The news of the ESBS given by its director.

To be able to vote, you have to be an AAE member at the date of the assembly: you have to renew your subscription before the assembly. Subscriptions will open 1st of September.

The Board of Directors will be renewed. We are looking for 6 new directors and, in particular, a new treasurer to be trained this year. If you want to join the board but you cannot be there the 24th or you don’t want to be elected, the board can coopt you as a technical advisor. To apply: More details about the AAE structure and the missions here.

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