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Partners of the AAE

On this page, we list the organizations which ares partners of the AAE. For some of them, we have signed a formal partnership agreement.

General partnerships

These organisations work with the AAE in common activities and projects.

Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS)

The ESBS is the school of the future alumni. We work together to ensure the success of the students and keep a link between the Alumni Network and the School. It especially allows the association to use the buildings and organizes activities with the students, while the AAE brings alumni to be involved in the School’s projects and give advice to its administration. The AAE has a chair in the ESBS administrative council.

Association des Ingénieurs de Chimie Strasbourg (AICS)

The AAE and the AICS have signed a formal partnership agreement to manage the ChemBioTech (CBT) alumni community. The main feature of this agreement is to enable the CBT alumni to subscribe as members to both association at the same time with a major discount (-70%). Also, the agreement organizes how to make common activities for the CBT.

Amicale de l’ESBS

The Amicale ESBS is a student association driving the student life in the School. They enable the AAE to keep in touch with the students’ activities and the news about the School. Therefore, the Amicale is a right member of the AAE and has a consultative chair in the AAE board. We aim to organize more common events.

Nouvelle Génération des Biotechnologistes (NGB)

The NGB is a student association linking the biotech world to the School. In this way, they share one objective with the AAE, which is to develop the professional network. Therefore, the NGB is a right member of the AAE and has a consultative chair in the AAE board. We aim to organize more common events and complementary activities.


Sponsors provide financial support in exchange for services provided by the association, such as increased visibility within the alumni network and access to the jobs portal. Sponsors of the Alumni Days are highlighted on the events’s dedicated page.

Molecular Partners

The AAE and Molecular Partners have signed a formal partnership agreement enabling this biopharmaceutical company to easily access the association’s jobs portal. The company is also a regular sponsor of the Alumni Day.