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The ESBS Alumni Mentor Program gives you the opportunity to connect with Alumni during one year. 

You will be assisted with academic guidance, career advice and personal development. This relationship will prove valuable and will serve as an important complement to your classroom and real-world learning experiences, thus boosting your ESBS experience. In addition to sharing their own experiences and advice, mentors can provide access to the larger ESBS alumni network. 

This access brings you valuable exposure to hundreds of alumni working in different geographies, and job functions, opening your eyes to the different types of careers and experiences available to you upon graduation. 

We encourage you to connect on a regular basis (once a month phone call, in personal meeting, or email conversation).


The most successful mentoring partnerships are those in which the mentee takes the initiative and truly drives the partnership. In a mentee-driven partnership, the mentee determines the pace, route and destination. The mentor is then able to offer insights and counsel that is focused on the mentee’s objectives and specific to developmental challenges.

You will get out of the mentoring partnership what you put into it!

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