Subscribe to the AAE!


The new AAE board has launched the annual subscription call for the year 2021! If your are an alumni, an ESBS professor or a student, you can subscribe now!

Why subscribe?

By subscribing you can:

  • take part in the activities of the association
  • have full-access to the website and its alumni directory
  • participate in the AAE major decisions and elect the board at the general assembly

Your support through your subscription and your donations will fund operative costs and events of the alumni association. AAE board reasons to set an annual subscription are further explained here:

ESBS students do not need to subscribe to the AAE. To benefit from the AAE services, they just need to register on this website.

How much?

There are 3 options to subscribe depending of you status:

  • 15€ if you are a Biotech alumni or professor;
  • 17.50€ if you are a graduated ChemBioTech engineer (subscription to both AAE and AICS);
  • 0€ if you are a newly-graduated BT or CBT engineer (promo 2020).

In more, we greatly ask you to donate whatever amount fits for you.

This is an annual subscription. 

It is necessary to follow the steps below to be officially considered as an AAE member.

How to subscribe?


First, you have to create an account on the website and then subscribe to the association.

To subscribe, use the form below or go on helloasso.

If you are a ChemBioTech engineer, use the dedicated form on helloasso.

Note that you can donate without subscribing:


Thank you very much!

If you have any problem, please contact us: