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Alumni Mentor

The ESBS Alumni Mentor Program enables you to have the power to inspire, motivate and support ESBS students. 

Your knowledge, experience and insight will help students maximize their ESBS experience and open their eyes to the opportunities and challenges they will face after graduation. 

Whether you were supported by alumni during your own time at ESBS or you simply want to give back to the institution that has helped shape your career, mentoring is an easy way to make a real, lasting impact on the ESBS community.  

Whether you are based in Strasbourg, San Francisco or in Tokyo, we strongly encourage all of you – dear Alumni – to take part in this program.

Relationship with Individual:

Guidance and support 

Focused on professional and personal development

Based on mentee’s expressed needs


There are many ways in which we can encourage growth and development in others. As a mentor, helping the mentee to grow and develop is a part of your responsibility.

 Here are some tips to facilitate the discussion with your mentee:

Ask open-ended questions that will encourage your mentee to provide a thoughtful answer.

“Can you tell me more about …?”

Be a pro-active listener

“What do you mean by …”

Reiterate what your mentee has said

“If I understand correctly, you …”

Don’t be afraid of silence – your own or your mentee’s – during your conversations

Summarize what you have talked at the end of the discussion 

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