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Supporting the Alumni Network

The AAE’s core values are friendship and solidarity. Therefore, the association has various activities and services supporting the Alumni Network (alumni and students). You can learn more about social events and other kinds of services on this page to develop the Network.

Job portal

The AAE website has a job portal on which alumni and the AAE board add new job offers (including internships). The board makes a particular effort to gather here those received by the association and the school as well as offers posted by alumni on the social networks.

Economic support

The association provides grants and emergency assistances to any member of the Alumni Network (alumni and students) who would face economic difficulties. The budget comes from the AAE members’ generosity.

Mentoring program

The AAE connects volunteering alumni and students by the mentoring program. The goal is to create bilateral relationships between mentors and mentee, starting from the school, and continuing after the ESBS.

Scientific contributions

The AAE website highlights scientific contributions (articles, theses…) from the Alumni Network. Each member can submit their work so it can be displayed here. This helps in particular the students to know what kind of research can be done after the ESBS.

CV workshop

Each year, two board members present a workshop on CV and correct their CV. A workshop is also organized during the Alumni Days.