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By registering to the AAE Website, you attest that you are a graduated former student of the ESBS or a current student. You attest that your information is correct and accept that you are fully responsible of the given information. Any attempt to register as an other person will be evaluated and sanctions may be applied.

Association Statutes:

By registering to the AAE Website, you accept to respect the statutes of the association according to your member role in the Association.

Information privacy:

Members’ information is divided into two categories :

  • Main information : Mandatory information to register (Firstname, Lastname, Promotion, E-Mail address)
  • Secondary information : All other details that you can provide in your profile

By registering on the AAE Website, you accept that your main information is kept in our Database.  As a non Subscriber Alumni, your main information will stay in our database. As a subscriber Alumni, you will have the choice to display your information on your public profile and on the Member Directory.

Your information apart from your E-mail address will serve no other purpose than keeping a record of the Alumni Network and publishing statistics

Your E-mail address, will always stay private. However, Subscriber Alumni will have the possibility to contact you through a form that will send the E-mail. By answering this E-mail you will provide your E-mail address to the Subscriber Alumnus that contacted you. You can disable this contact form in your account. Your E-mail address will also be used to send you major information about the association, and to send the Newsletter (Only for Subscriber Alumni).

You have, at all time, the possibility to unsubscribe from the major information E-mails and from the Newsletter.

Personal Data Access:

Each member (Subscriber or Non Subscriber) has a right to access his/her/its Personal Data. Please use the contact form, an Administrator will send you all the information that we have about you.

Account Deletion:

You have, at all time, the possibility to delete your account. For this, you should use the contact form.  An administrator will remove your account. This process will completely remove all the information that we have from our Database.