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Dear Alumni,

Welcome on the new website of the association. As you may know, the new board was elected last June, and since then we were planning our different projects and dealing with one the most urgent: the AAE website.

The website is finally up, and with it we would like to bring some new features in order to foster the interactions between the ESBS students and graduates (old and new) themselves and with their potential future employers.

This starts by giving visibility to every member of the ESBS family by allowing you to create a profile on our website, hereby entering a directory that will help others find you. Only general information would be needed, and you can choose to be directly contactable or not.

Such a directory is critical to help develop the alumni network. The ESBS is one of the top school in its domain, and has kept small promotions for years, which mean that our network is relatively limited in size compared to other engineering school. Setting up such a directory would give the ESBS Alumni some traction by increasing the power of this network.

First by helping finding one another. Being able to get into contact with a former ESBS student working in a company you want to apply in is a big plus. This consideration is valid for every member of our network, whether you just graduated or not. Of course you might not always be able to directly recommend or help a fellow ESBS alumnus applying in your company or lab. But as an experienced biotechnology engineer you can give many insights about your company, its culture, what would be required for a given job or tips about the recruitment process. These are valuable information that you can pass or receive whatever your age and job. And even if you do not wish to be contacted, knowing that former ESBS students work in a given company is already a good start in an application process.

Secondly by sharing opportunities. All companies and institutes regularly post internally or externally offers for jobs or internships. By sharing quickly these offers among us we will all profit from it. Who knows better what an ESBS alumnus or student might search for than an ESBS alumnus ? It can also profit yourself and your company/institution by allowing you to recruit the right person quickly. Our school has evolved and adapted to its time, and nowadays students have a large choice of options ranging from bioproduction to bioinformatics and a non-negligible portion of each promotion also orients itself to disciplines such as management, patent and regulatory affairs through internships or additional diplomas.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, it would maximize the visibility of ESBS graduates to recruiters. Nowadays a LinkedIn profile is a must have, but what if we could facilitate the job of people hunting for the right person for a given position ? For sure you know how a career can take a specific path, and if we can make all our very unique and specific experiences known easily, at once to recruiters it would be benefic to us.

Long story short. The ESBS is a great school, but what makes a great school even greater is its network. With this new website we hope to bring some much needed features to enhance our network and make the best of it.

We hope you will help us do so through the new features brought by this website, building on what was already achieved by the former boards

Additional information will soon follow, including how to use this website to its full potential, and how help us communicate with each other.

The AAE board

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New board, new website, new functions !

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