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On Saturday 21st 2017 took place the graduation of the first promotion of the new curriculum organized by the ESBS and the ECPM, Chembiotech.

We are happy to welcome the twelve students of the promotion “Daniel Guillon” in the Alumni, and wish them success in their professional lifes with their very promising background.


For the oldest members of the Alumni: What’s Chembiotech ?

The Chembiotech curriculum was created 3 years ago (2014) as a joint formation between the ESBS and the ECPM (Ecole Européenne de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux) in Strasbourg. It aims is to train engineers with advanced skills in both biotechnology and chemistry in order to answer specific needs in the cosmetic/pharmaceutical industry as well as emerging domains such as bio-fuels, biopolymers.

The formation can be accessed from the usual “classes prepas” as well as from DUT/L2/L3.  The courses are given both at ECPM and ESBS, including practicals and internships along the 3-year formation and give access to a full title of engineer, recognized by the  french “Commission des titres ingénieurs”.

More information about the Chembiotech formation:

ECPM Website

ESBS Website

Keep it in mind if your company/institute is in need of a new recruit with a strong chemistry background, a Chembiotech might just be the one.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or post a job offer if you know of a job/internship that fits the description.

Chembiotech 2017 Graduation

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